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We, people, are always fond of going forward with the help of technology through the upgrading of it. We always go towards the things that save our time fastening the regular works without what we can’t even pass a day, such as we can include food. Among many kinds of foods, fruits play one of the most vital roles by giving us strength, vitamins, energy and many more. Doctors suggest having some fruits or other leaf-based sap on a regular basis. But, it is not always possible to have these for the shortage of time. Maximum people prefer to have juice made from fruits or leaves to avoid the hassle of cutting or grinding or removing the uneatable parts. To make the juice for reducing the consumption of time different brands have made juicers with different functions. We have found out the top 5 brands included below, that have juicers with high configurations. 

Top 5 Best Juice Maker Brand 


Breville Juicer

Best Juice Maker Brand
Best Juice Maker Brand

Breville is a well-known juice maker company that makes juice makers every year with newly added functions and designs as well and these new things make this brand the best juice maker brand among most other brands. Everyone keeps buying juice makers made by this company if ever thinks about buying one. Breville is a widely known company with good recognition and reviews from the buyers. Its one of the latest models is Breville Juice Fountain SL Cold Plus that has got the attention of the people in general.

Features :  Best Juicer Breville Fountain SL Cold Plus

  • This juice maker comes with a capacity of 70 fluid ounce that helps to make juice of fresh fruits in a higher ranged capacity.
  • Breville Juice Fountain SL Cold Plus ensures the temperature to increase by a less amount, most likely to less than 1.8℃.
  • The outlook of this juicer model is made with brushed stainless steel and this is the only design for this juicer.
  • This juice maker needs a minimum power of 1000 watts to start and make juice from any kind of food thing.
  • Breville Juice Fountain SL Cold Plus offers a warranty of 1 year to the customers.
  • It needs 120 volts for making juice.
  • The size of this juice maker is so user-friendly. The dimension is 8.6″ x 13.1″ x 17.3″.
  • Preparing a large amount of this juicer is best as it lessens the hassle of cutting the fruits and vegetables before making juice.
  • The price of this juice maker is also not so expensive. It costs only $249.95 that makes Breville the best juice maker brand of this time.
  • The feed tube of this juice maker model is so wide that an apple can be fit in the juices easily and that is 3.5 inches.

Hamilton Beach Juicer

Best Juice Maker Brand
Best Juice Maker Brand

Hamilton Beach is a multidimensional distributor of home appliances located in the USA and distributes things in Canada, America, and Mexico for especially newly opened restaurants. This is the best juicer among its competitors for its price range as well as the variation in production. Founded by Frederick J. Osius in April 1910, Hamilton Beach is serving people nicely and the service it provides is nicer than most other juicer companies. Following the tradition of releasing appliances every year, Hamilton Beach recently released its new juicer name Easy Clean Big Mouth 2-Speed Juice Extractor.

Features : best juice maker brand Hamilton beach juicer

  • Hamilton Beach used in it HP motor 1.1 which is one of the most powerful motors in the market. And it also uses 2 speeds to extract juice from fruits at a maximum rate.
  • This juice maker brand comes with a limited warranty of 3 years to ensure that every customer gets a higher limit of benefit from the brand.
  • Hamilton Beach Easy Clean Big Mouth 2-Speed Juice Extractor included high/low-speed dial along with an LED light.
  • This offers 40 fluid ounce pitchers with a lid along with the surety of BPA free.
  • A filter is present in the pitcher for serving a foam-free juice.
  • In half of the regular time, the hamilton beach’s new juicer can clean itself and this makes it the best juice maker brand as it lessens the hassle of cleaning it.
  • The design of this juicer comes with stainless steel with an arm lock.
  • Foods get free in the juicer as a whole easily for its wide mouth.

Hurom Juicer

Hurom is promised to make the life of people in general easier by making easier processing of everyday meals. Hurom is a home appliance distributor serving worldwide. It has a good reputation among people and many customers consider it as the best juicer brand as the juice maker it releases every year comes with new and exceptional functions. Following the trend, it has recently released Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer.

Features : Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer:

  • Business Insider thinks that the fresh juice this juice maker brand gives us can be compared to a juice of $7 from a well-known store.
  • The price of this slow juicer is not more or not less than $499 than can be very higher if thought, but in performance the juicer is worth the price for sure.
  • thinks that this juicer’s design of heavy-duty plastic strainer is a game-changer and actually it attracts the customers.
  • Hurom H101 lessens the hassle of preparation for making the juice.
  • This juice maker comes with a 2 sided double cleaning machine inside it.
  • The juice maker is well-recognized among the people for its slow juicing at a rate of 43 rpm so that juice from anything is made fresh and healthy.

Smeg Citrus Juicer

Best Juice Maker Brand
Best Juice Maker Brand

Smeg is a home appliance manufacturer and distributor serving each corner of the world. Smeg is well known for its design and price range. It is also known to everyone very well for its easy functioning. This is a private manufacturer company located in Italy and serving its customers without any rest since 1948. The company, Smeg, has introduced recently its new juicer from its family of appliances Smeg Citrus Juicer.

Features : Smeg Citrus Juicer

  • Smeg Citrus Juicer comes in a variety of colors including black, cream, pastel blue, pastel green, pink, and red.
  • It needs only 70 watts to make any kind of juice from fruits and vegetables.
  • The new Smeg Citrus Juicer costs only $109.95 which makes this the best juicer brand in terms of price.
  • The weight of this juicer is not so high and it is only 3.7 kg.
  • The frequency of this juice is 50 to 60 Hz.
  • It needs 220-240 volts to make any kind of juice.
  • This juice maker works only one way and that is anticlockwise.
  • The cord length of this juicer for power is 1 meter.
  • The depth of this juicer is 220 mm.
  • The body of this juicer is plastic and stainless and the color of this juicer was tried to make a 50’s style.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

Best Juice Maker Brand
Best Juice Maker Brand

Kuvings is a worldwide distributor of kitchen appliances operating in more than 80 countries. It is widely known to the people in general for its easy functioning, interface, and outlook as well. It also comes with a nice inner look too. The Kuvings is famous for its juice makers and its juice makers are mostly distributed worldwide. To keep the fame positive it has introduced its new juice maker named Whole Slow Juicer. It became very popular when released in the market and still, it is a very well-sold product.

Features : Whole Slow Juicer
  • Kuvings has used an upgraded screw in the new whole slow juicer than the previous juicers.
  • This is a multi-functional juicer that makes it easier to make juice from fruits and make those smoothie, juice, and sorbet.
  • For simplified parts of the juicer, it is easier for the people to clean up the parts after using the juicer to make juice.
  • This is the best juice maker than others as it is slow functioning what makes juice very fresh and less oxidized.
  • The speed of this juice is only 60 rpm.
  • The juicer is a little heavier and the weight is 6.9 kg.
  • This juice maker has a capacity of 400 ml.
  • One can use the juice for less than 300 minutes without any stop.
  • The juicer comes in 3 colors – silver, white, red.
  • The juice maker needs 2220-240 volts with a frequency of 50-60 Hz.
  • The dimension of this juice maker is 228 x 208 x 446 mm.
  • This juice maker has a cooling system and a safety lock.
To Conclude:

Juice maker plays a vital role in our regular life by lessening the hassle of cutting and extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. The up-gradation of the juice maker should always be accepted in any terms to upgrade our lifestyle as well as saving time.

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