Privacy Policy

People always want a secure place on the Internet. Thinking about people’s flexibility, reliability, and most importantly the security we have planned our privacy and policies and designed the section following the plans.

EMakeUs is highly conscious of securing people’s privacy and ensuring their safety. Audiences are important to us for whom we post and we never want to lose any of the audiences, but rather want the number to increase. Working towards it we prioritize the security issue of people. Viewers are not required to provide any personal information. The website is free for all to access and to view any features and reviews on any product. We never record or keep any data about anyone. It is highly appreciated if a person does not share any information like phone number, email address, home address even his/her or any other family member’s name.

There is a bunch of third party websites that can place advertisements on our website for their campaign. We never manifest any information of users to those third parties. But it may be possible that those third parties can track you and record your basic data like your network IP, name and else but if and only if you click on the advertising link. Otherwise, we restrict any data to transfer from us to those websites.

We, EMakeUs, don’t love to disturb anyone with any media. So, we do not send any mail regarding any kind of casual matter. But, we obviously send mail if any update about anything comes or if it is very much important to know by the users. EMakeUs is a feature reviewing site, so it needs to get updated as the days approach forward. Thinking about this matter we emphasize recording data of the users to get an overview of the visitor numbers, maximum approach on random products and prioritize those, maximizing or organizing the suggestion list at our homepage. But the data we collect is not recognizable at all. We need this analysis for the betterment of our website and advertising with the analyzed result and expanding our website and the field of reviewing collaborating with business owners.

After the privacy issue, the point that comes is cookie policies. Cookie is really important for a website to give a good experience to the users and get a good comment from the users. Cookie is nothing but a small part of the data during the usage of the site. Generally, the browser that is being used for opening the site is asked to store the small part of the data on the user computer. The cookie is generally used for making an infrastructure based on the taste of the user deciding how the website will look for a certain user on his/her computer. Different users search for different device and analyzing the previous searches the cookie instructs the website to organize the infrastructure with those devices so that everything looks common and attracts the user more. But, not necessarily everyone needs suggestions based on the taste. So, you can easily delete the cookie from the browser or disable to save the cookie of this website from the browser.

In brief, we use cookie:

  • To detect if you are a repeating user.
  • To customize the infrastructure or homepage detecting your choices.
  • To show the last searched materials by you.

We, EMakeUs, are using the most popular analytical tool Google Analytics for analyzing the usage of the site by different users. In this case, Google Analytics uses the cookie to complete analysis. The cookie generated by the users during usage does not provide any identifiable information about the user. These are basically get stored in the Google data centers and Google Analytics uses those as per need.

Some third-party websites are there to advertise on our website. They just take some unidentifiable information that is generally generated during the usage of you to show you relevant products, materials, or other relevant visual things, such as documents, video tutorials, etc so that you can get to know about the product and the advertised website as well.

Our Privacy Policy team is dedicated 24/7 to help you out in tough moments. You need the help of us and we need yours in reverse. Feel free to share anything that can help and enrich our privacy policy sector and makes it one of the best website in term of securing user data and ensuring the safety of our website users. Visit us any time knowing that you are indemnified from any kind of data theft.

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