Best Upcoming Lenovo Laptops Review 2020



Lenovo is a multinational company that works with technology. Lenovo, with its headquarters in Beijing, has operations in 60 countries and distributes its products in almost 160 countries. Lenovo is often called a tech giant competing with giant companies like Samsung, HP, Apple, Asus, etc. especially in terms of laptops. Best Upcoming Lenovo Laptops has several series of models that are an exception than most other laptop companies. Lenovo is now included in the Hong Kong stock exchange. Like every time Lenovo is going to bring a laptop in front to amaze its users with features and functions that can’t be found usually at a rate, Lenovo is going to provide according to rumors and this one of the best Lenovo laptops based on price and function is Lenovo Yoga Book C930. We have gathered some features that are being checked by almost every user included below.


Best Upcoming Lenovo Laptops


Features: Upcoming Lenovo Yoga Book C930

  • Lenovo Yoga Book C930’s dimensions will be of 320.2*226.7*14.5 mm.
  • Its weight will be 1.4 KG.
  • The display size of this laptop is 13.9 inches with a resolution of 3840*2160 pixels.
  • Lenovo has used UHD IPS LED Backlit Capacitive Display where users will find the feature of the touchscreen. It makes work smoother for users as they can touch on their desired place and access the desired file.
  • The pixel density of the new Lenovo Yoga Book C930 is 317 PPI.
  • This one of the best upcoming Lenovo laptops contains the usual standard notebook keyboard.
  • A smooth touchpad is available as a pointer with the service of the multi touch gesture.
  • There is a fingerprint scanner for ensuring safety and security so that owners can access the laptop by using the fingerprint.
  • This laptop has 16 GB DDR4 RAM that has a speed of 2400 MHz in one slot and no other slot is available on the laptop.
  • Talking about storage, this laptop has 1 TB of storage.
  • The operating system used in the laptop is the most upgraded Windows 10 pro.
  • This laptop has a 1.8 GHz Intel Core i7 (8th generation) processor.
  • UHD Intel 620 graphics processor is also present in this new Lenovo Yoga Book C930.
  • The laptop has a webcam with the service of video recording at 1080 FHD.
  • An inbuilt internal microphone is also there on the laptop.
  • Lenovo has stereo speakers that are advantaged with the technology of Dolby Atmos and this Dolby Atmos technology provides one of the best experiences to its users in terms of sounds. So, listening to music or watching videos on this laptop is really amazing and charming as well.
  • This Lenovo laptop has one port for a microphone jack and one other port for a headphone jack.
  • In this one of the best upcoming Lenovo laptops, Lenovo has used 4 cell lithium-ion batteries. The laptop has an AC adaptor that supplies power at a rate of 60 watts.
  • There is no Lockport on the laptop.
  • This laptop comes with a warranty of one year.
  • The laptop is advantaged with some features like wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.1, and also the most WiFi.
  • The laptop comes in an exceptional iron grey color that may attract the regular users as well as the new viewers of the Lenovo.

The new Lenovo laptops are always fine and well made. Lenovo never disappointed its customers a bit. It always tries to bring the best product to the users compared to the price. Although it could not be so eye-catching in the year 2019, Lenovo is coming with a bunch of open surprises. The new Lenovo Yoga Book C930 is going to be released in the upcoming days and it will get the eyes of the users for sure as Lenovo is offering these high configurations at such a cheap rate. So, everyone is recommended to buy, if the budget is not so high.

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